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Weight loss simplified

Millions of people globally start their fitness journey with the goal of losing weight. It can be scary when you don’t really know where to start or the “steps” to accomplishing your goal. This isn’t helped by the thousands of post’s, podcast’s, video’s etc etc that ultimately complicate the process of weight loss. This being said everyone has different goals therefore everyone’s journey will be different. When researching online you will find all sorts of programs, tips, do’s and dont‘s which for a lot of people fuel’s this fear of taking the first step into their weight loss journey. This post is to take that fear away, to give individuals the boost they need.

Despite whatever you may see online about certain foods causing weight gain or those taccy magazines with ” 10 foods that will make you lose body fat”, the type of foods isnt actually making that much of a difference. It actually all comes down to the amount of stuff coming into your body versus the amount coming out of your body. In more scientific terms the amount of calories you are consuming versus the amount of calories you are burning. Weight loss comes from a calorie deficit. This means we need to be burning more calories than we are consuming.

The common misconception after finding out about calorie deficits is that we have to starve oursleves and eat less food. This may be the case for certain people. Not to sound cliche or like every other trainer, but its true, everyone is different. If you are reguarly exercising or have an active job your daily calories burned could be 3000 for example. Allowing this individual to eat 2700 calories and still be in the desired calorie deficit. You need to be honest with yourselves, does your daily activity level really allow all those calories your having.

All this being said it can still be a complicated process. A lot of these posts tell you what to do but not how to do it. Your probably wondering how do i know how many calories im burning or consuming. Lets start with the easy part, calorie consumption. There a hundreds of apps / websites that allow you to calculate calories. Product wrapping will also have the calorie information on. Its just a case of putting in the effort to weigh your food and keep a note of your calories. As for burnt calories its a little more complicated. There are apps, websites, wearable devices you can use to get an estimate of your calories burnt in a day. However annoyingly there is no device at the current time that can give you the specifics. Therefore the best method you can use that is affordable, easy to use and quick is weight scales. If you keep a track of the calories you have eaten in a day and weigh yourself every night just before bed. Using the information you gather you can see if this amount of calories is making you increase, decrease or maintain weight. It is recommended that you trust the process and give it time. Over 1-2 weeks you will get a clear picture whether your current lifestyles warrants that amount of calories.

Having an online trainer can take all the weight off your shoulders. As your online coach i would use the information you give me to design a program / lifestlye to help you reach your goal. Giving you proffesional advice, tips and resources to help you on this journey. Whilst implementing and working around parts of your life that you may not want to drop to achieve this goal. Drop me a message or enquire about online coaching on this website and i will be in touch as to how i can make your goal a reality.


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