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Is sitting really the new smoking?

This is one of those topics you almost dont want to read about. Before i get into the science and anatomy behind sitting its important to remember that im not campaigning against sitting. This isn't to say every second were sat is damaging us. Our bodies need rest and we need time to switch off or enjoy ourselves. However it is campaigning against excess sitting, were humans we were made to move. Over 250 joints, 600 muscles, 4000 tendons and 900 ligaments all designed for motion. There will be times you have to sit, ironically im sat writing this but its about how we deal with these situations. If you work behind a computer for 8 hours a day, can you use your break to get up and moving. Every 20 minutes stand up shake off, roll your shoulders and just move. 99% of the time people's inactivity comes from laziness and a lack of motivation.

                When we are sat the discs in our back compress which is a major cause of back pain. Furthermore sitting promotes bad posture, 70% do people sitting aren't doing so in the correct way. Over a prolonged period of sitting down our hips begin to shorten due to being in a compressed position. This causes them to tighten up, this is why when we stand up after a long time we naturally stretch. Sitting for long periods of time can undo a lot of the work you are doing in the gym. This is one of many reasons i reccomend adding mobility training into your program. As well as the physical effects sitting can also effect your mental health. Studies show that people who sit for prolonged periods of time are more likely to be depressed or struggle with anxiety.

                In every single one of these posts i say the same thing. Why would you want that stiffness, pain, stress etc when it can be solved through minutes of your day. Everyone is told that when they grow old they wont be able to move as well, pick things or complete everyday tasks. You dont have to go on this path in life, the difference these little changes will make over a long term period is unimaginable. For advice on how you can implement mobility training i have a post with all the information you need to get started. Or if having 24/7 advice, exercise library and a trainer you can connect with and designs you programs then check out my online training plans.


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