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Where the sessions will take place…

All sessions, classes, SGPT, assessments will take place in our private studio. This gives us a better opportunity to go into detail without any interruptions. The studio is only for the use to train clients. This also takes away any fears or complications that come along with training in a public gym.

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Why choose 1-2-1

In our private studio it gives us a brilliant opportunity to make the sessions properly personal. 1-2-1 sessions give us the chance to properly work towards achieving your goals. Anything you might not be enjoying or might not be working then we can address it straight away. 

As your fitness is our priority you will be given the opportunity to take part in fitness classes, group sessions or to come and use the facilities when you plead.


Step by step process…


This 15-20 minute call is a time for us to discuss your current fitness levels / history but more importantly your short and long term goals. I will explain all the services available to help you and we will discuss a brief plan for your chosen timeline.


The movement assessment is  a chance for us to outline any in-balances, weak points, postural issues and more. Alongside your goals i will implement exercises into your program to address these issues.  We will also perform a few simple clearance tests to ensure you are safe to perform certain exercises.

PROGRAMMing / planning

Now that we have discussed your current situation, goals, weak points, packages, dates etc I will design you a program. This will be uploaded to the free to use app MyPThub giving you 24/7 access to your program and much more. You will also receive a video explaining your program and timeline in detail. This allows us to make proper use of our first session instead of wasting time on paperwork.

First session

When you come for your first session at the FCE studio i will meet you by the front door. Quick tour and then down to business. Straight off the bat we will be getting into the program taking that first step to success. 

My promise

As your fitness coach i want to work with you to make your journey enjoyable as well as helping you achieve your goals. This means working around your lifestyle so that you dont have to feel guilty about that drink on a friday night. Your program will be tailored exactly to working towards your goals that we will set together. Every single piece of information, advice, recipe or exercise i give you will be backed up with a why. Not just any old generic why but a reason why I believe this will benefit you as an individual.

When you join FCE you are joining a welcoming and results driven community, this means group classes, nationwide events, team nights and much more.


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